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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Running out of things(semantics- a euphemism for resources getting increasingly remote- same thing) is definitely happening. His time tables agree with what I accept. Very germane. But it even more important to realize that it is impossible to even come close to replacing liquid fuel with rebuildables for heavy mining, farming, infrastructure build out and repair ect. And what a short amount of time we have left to realize this. It's not a matter of deciding to replace it. It is impossible to build out enough hardware to replace it. 17 TeraWatts continuous. Can't even make 1/3 of this. And with very little storage. Which means rebuildables are giving us a false hope that things will continue on just the same in our growth based free market society. Big changes are coming to all of the social systems we have been accustomed to during our one time run toward the limits to growth on a finite planet. The Carbon pulse.
The sooner we cast off our rosey glasses, or even open our eyes for some of us (politicians), the sooner we can start talking about what to do next. How we can equitably distribute wealth in a receding economy. And how to educate people to get them to accept a negative population rate.
*the last time we 'spoke',we were discussing a 1.5 Terra-Watt grid.
*as a feeble-minded thought experiment please indulge me:
*it's 1988,the year Exxon began to fund their $33,000,000 denial campaign.
*we go ahead and simultaneously pursue energy efficiency,while installing renewables,for a load of half the 1.5 T-W grid load.
*@ 750 G-W,spread over 30-years (1988-2018),that's 25 G-W/year
*if we tried to do it with wind or solar equivalent to 2-MW/turbines we'd be looking at 12,500 units/year,and $37.5-billion/year,and $117.19/capita cost to the consumer/year.
*by 2018 we'd have 750-GW installed capacity.Which would run the nation had we stayed with continuous efficiency improvements.
*had we stuck with Clinton's populist PNGV program,we'd be saving more on liquid hydrocarbons/year than what it would have cost us to have converted to renewables.
*had Reagan/Bush not veto'd Congressional household appliance efficiency legislation we'd be even further down the road.
*had the meat lobbyists not killed the populist Senate/USDA American dietary recommendation guidelines in 1977,there's a very good chance that type-2 diabetes would have been eradicated in the United States,which would have free'd up untold $billions for the US economy.
*it appears that we just keep missing opportunity after opportunity to do things for 'The People.'
A TESLA Gigafactory would cost each American the equivalent of two McDonald's Happy Meals.
An 'American's Club' (AMS CLUB),with a $9.38/annual membership fee could support the construction of a new Gigafactory each year.
Batteries sold to members @ cost.
Railroad track would be a penny/mile,same as a 2-MW wind turbine.
That's not all AM'S CLUB could do.
*I did find a notation about the Stanford University study in 'Unprecedented Crimes.'
*Your comment on the energy density of liquid fuels aren't lost on the authors.
*I suspect that there are some engineers who are up to that challenge if that becomes the job assignment.

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