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faulty compounding/billion EVs

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Nope. Many efficiency improvements have already ocurred. faulty compounding math right off the bat. And again, the majority of energy use are not possibly replaced with electric conversion. Personal transportaion is the next easy one. But it is only 10% of total energy as I stated above. So cutting this consumption to 1/3 with electric conversion saves us 6%.
Can we possibly build 60 kWh batteries for 1 billion electric cars?
You're gonna have to get with Lomberg about the quanta.I'm just the messenger on that one.
I'd ask you to provide some specifics as to total energy demand and why it can't be electrified.
Robert Lutz,no tree-hugging green-weenie,has remarked on inductive EV charging capabilities being embedded within the highway infrastructure itself,obviating the need for large-capacity onboard battery packs,or supercharger stations as is being currently pursued by TESLA.
I don't know that we can't build a billion 60 kWh packs,but it may not be the correct question.
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