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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
"Jacobsonís paper has become the bible of alternative energy and is the most referenced paper on the subject used by policymakers and activist groups. And that is scary. Another ideology masquerading as science."
I'd use 'contextual.'
I can criticize Jacobson.
I can criticize his critics.
There are potentialities either missed,ignored,or unknown to the investigators.A Rumsfeld moment.
This is hardball.Political correctness may be off the table on this one.
Carl Sagan spoke of the cloistered researcher,who kept his place,just submitting the information to the powers that be and staying in the shadows,off the soapbox.
Perhaps Jacobson genuinely feels an urgency to awaken the masses.'Ozone Man' has caught holy .... for it.
Again,if we've put too much CO2 in the atmosphere and we need to remove some of what's already there,then why are we even discussing anything but ending combustion as fast as we possibly can?
If there's a steamroller headed for your baby and you're carrying a rifle,what do you do?
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