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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
*had the meat lobbyists not killed the populist Senate/USDA American dietary recommendation guidelines in 1977,there's a very good chance that type-2 diabetes would have been eradicated in the United States,which would have free'd up untold $billions for the US economy.
*it appears that we just keep missing opportunity after opportunity to do things for 'The People.'
Yeah, because people respond to government guidelines like it's the bible.

Everyone knows being overweight is unhealthy. While lobbyists are usually disgusting, they aren't responsible for the decisions we make. If you're fat, it's not because the meat industry made you that way.

Trying to protect people from every conceivable form of self-harm at the government level is evil. Progress is made by every person being a small experiment of what works and what doesn't, and that produces winners and losers. Restrict liberty too much, and we're all just losers. I'd rather live in a world of winners and losers where the losers still aren't miserable, rather than live in a world where everyone is a miserable loser. Balance is key.

A TESLA Gigafactory would cost each American the equivalent of two McDonald's Happy Meals.
An 'American's Club' (AMS CLUB),with a $9.38/annual membership fee could support the construction of a new Gigafactory each year.
Batteries sold to members @ cost.
Railroad track would be a penny/mile,same as a 2-MW wind turbine.
That's not all AM'S CLUB could do.
OK, what's preventing this club from existing now? If it's as lucrative as you suggest, the market would jump on it already. Why don't you start a Go Fund Me?

Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Robert Lutz,no tree-hugging green-weenie,has remarked on inductive EV charging capabilities being embedded within the highway infrastructure itself,obviating the need for large-capacity onboard battery packs,or supercharger stations as is being currently pursued by TESLA.
I don't know that we can't build a billion 60 kWh packs,but it may not be the correct question.
Your consistent error in thinking in nearly every post is that if something is technically possible, it is economically possible. "Wireless" inductive power transfer has been around since Tesla (the person, not the manufacturer), and the reason it isn't widely used isn't because it's new technology, but rather it's expensive and inefficient. We could have had our electric busses and light rail use inductive power all along, but didn't because an overhead line is way cheaper and efficient.

If anything, we'll have overhead lines supplying power.

Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Political correctness may be off the table on this one.
Carl Sagan spoke of the cloistered researcher,who kept his place,just submitting the information to the powers that be and staying in the shadows,off the soapbox.
Perhaps Jacobson genuinely feels an urgency to awaken the masses.'Ozone Man' has caught holy .... for it.
Again,if we've put too much CO2 in the atmosphere and we need to remove some of what's already there,then why are we even discussing anything but ending combustion as fast as we possibly can?
If there's a steamroller headed for your baby and you're carrying a rifle,what do you do?
I'm all onboard with dumping political (incorrectness). It's worthless garbage in all cases.

The researcher is confined to research and not activism because people don't listen to facts, they respond to emotional fanaticism (Trump). The second someone becomes an emotional fanatic, they have abandoned their rational mode of operation.

So you see, at best a researcher can inform someone who is influential, who is then likely to take the seeds of truth and embellish them to the point of absurdity.

A true researcher takes criticism and responds to it in a scientific way. If Jacobson is sticking to political tactics rather than responding to valid criticism, he has left the arena of researcher and entered the arena of politics / religion.

Your analogy is ridiculous. As I've said, it isn't clear what the extent of threat to humanity global warming is. If you really think your analogy is valid, then you should be on a terrorist watch list as your actions towards people viewed as the steamroller would justify your emotional view of them.

*Clean Technica is a cult which sometimes happens upon factual sources of info.
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