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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Yeah, because people respond to government guidelines like it's the bible.

Everyone knows being overweight is unhealthy. While lobbyists are usually disgusting, they aren't responsible for the decisions we make. If you're fat, it's not because the meat industry made you that way.

Trying to protect people from every conceivable form of self-harm at the government level is evil. Progress is made by every person being a small experiment of what works and what doesn't, and that produces winners and losers. Restrict liberty too much, and we're all just losers. I'd rather live in a world of winners and losers where the losers still aren't miserable, rather than live in a world where everyone is a miserable loser. Balance is key.

OK, what's preventing this club from existing now? If it's as lucrative as you suggest, the market would jump on it already. Why don't you start a Go Fund Me?

Your consistent error in thinking in nearly every post is that if something is technically possible, it is economically possible. "Wireless" inductive power transfer has been around since Tesla (the person, not the manufacturer), and the reason it isn't widely used isn't because it's new technology, but rather it's expensive and inefficient. We could have had our electric busses and light rail use inductive power all along, but didn't because an overhead line is way cheaper and efficient.

If anything, we'll have overhead lines supplying power.

I'm all onboard with dumping political (incorrectness). It's worthless garbage in all cases.

The researcher is confined to research and not activism because people don't listen to facts, they respond to emotional fanaticism (Trump). The second someone becomes an emotional fanatic, they have abandoned their rational mode of operation.

So you see, at best a researcher can inform someone who is influential, who is then likely to take the seeds of truth and embellish them to the point of absurdity.

A true researcher takes criticism and responds to it in a scientific way. If Jacobson is sticking to political tactics rather than responding to valid criticism, he has left the arena of researcher and entered the arena of politics / religion.

Your analogy is ridiculous. As I've said, it isn't clear what the extent of threat to humanity global warming is. If you really think your analogy is valid, then you should be on a terrorist watch list as your actions towards people viewed as the steamroller would justify your emotional view of them.

*Clean Technica is a cult which sometimes happens upon factual sources of info.
'Knowledge will forever govern ignorance,and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm them selves with the power knowledge gives.A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it is but a prologue to a farce or tragedy,or both.' James Madison.
*the example of the meat lobbyist points to a structural impediment to the dissemination of information to We The People by a legal fiction (a corporation).
*State boards of education might have included the health information in their curriculum as a favor to taxpayers who fund public education.
*With healthier citizens,capital could be directed towards the 'impossible' transition to alternate and renewable energy.
*Since there's no conversation about climate change and it's ramifications,why would citizens have it on their minds? Why would they do anything when Dancing with the Stars or the Royal Wedding is more important?
*An AM's CLUB would only happen if people conceived a need for it.
Was World War-II economically impossible?
My powers of imagination could not conceive of automobiles operating off catenary lines.Lutz's road-based solution seemed more plausible.As I understand it,even the Hughes Electronics inductive charging technology of 1987 was near-100% efficient.
Emotion,especially fear,is a successful evolutionary adaptation.The book,'The Gift of Fear,' addresses this vestigial,ancient facility.
Since the 1890s,the advertising industry has employed it in marketing campaigns as an effective tool to motivate human behavior.Ivy Lee taught both John D. Rockefeller and Adolph Hitler how to capitalize on its use.
If you buy into Abraham Lincoln's argument that,'to know and not tell makes cowards of men,' then how could Stanford's team act any differently than they did? Climate change is considered an existential threat.There's nothing more important than an existential threat.We are free to believe whatever we want.So far.
From Lomberg:
'(Albert Gore's) supercilious attitude to our democratic freedom and contests our basic right to decide for ourselves how we lead our lives,so long as doing so does not bring us into collision with others.'
Do you see how he qualifies our right to choose? Our freedom is contextual.It's conditional.You don't trespass on your neighbor and expect forgiveness.You don't use your neighbors atmosphere for a sewer.
'Your freedom ends where mine begins' kind of a concept.(don't tread on me)
The steamroller was meant to be a dramatic metaphor to touch on just how serious business as usual might be to Jacobsen.
I'm not apologizing for him.His actions are just information.
Molina and Rowland were eviscerated for their revelation about chloroflourocarbons and the ozone hole in the 1980s.Most people alive today might be thankful that they came forwards with their inconvenient truth.
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