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some of Jacobson's Road Map...............

The November,2015,National Geographic's cover story was,
Cool it,The Climate Issue.
*They present Mark Jacobson's Road Map for the United States,starting on page 66.
Here's a breakdown of his vision:
1.3% Geothermal
0.1% Tidal
0.4% Wave
3.0% Hydro
7.2% Rooftop PV
30.7% Utility PV
7.3% Concentrated solar
19.1% Offshore wind
30.9% Onshore wind
On page 67,Stephen Brick,Energy Fellow,Chicago Council on Global Affairs says,
'It has zero chance.'
He prefaces his comment,indicating that the Road Map would run up against politics,regulations,social barriers,political influence of oil,gas,and coal industry.
Brick never argues the substance of the plan.
*The Road Map would be $15-trillion,spread over 35-years
*absorbed by 319,148,894 citizens
*@ $1,342.86each
*@ $3.44/day
*about the cost of a bacon,egg,and cheese croissant at a local Donut store.
Craig Welch,of Nat.Geo. comments that '...Jacobson's work at least offers a starting point.' Page 67.
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