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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
Apparently they think "coupe" refers to the tapering angle of the rear windshield instead of the fact that it has two doors...for whatever reason. The dictionary is clear enough:

Straight outta ol' Merriam Webster.

Now when will they start coming out with two door sedans?
Been done.

Hell, it's my favorite body style. Three box, two door.

The whole coupe versus sedan roofline thing used to mean something when sedans were aerodynamic bricks and coupes were swoopy.

Of course... it's not just the roofline. The usual marker of a "real" coupe is the lack of a B-pillar. Very, very few four-door coupes actually count as coupes.

(The RX-8 does, of course. But you can't buy them new, anymore)

Still, marketing uber alles. There is no hard or fast definition for car body styles, anyway (just look at all the arguments online about the term "sports car"). So manufacturers are simply applying the term coupe to mean "car with swoopy roofy".

But in an age where a Civic sedan has a roofline with so much taper that it comes as a genuine shock that it has a separate trunk, manufacturers are having to go to silly head-squeezing lengths to make sure people know the difference between a sleek coupe and a slightly-less sleek sedan.

Pays good money. You have the more expensive four-door coupe with less headroom and trunk space for fashionable idiots. And you have the cheaper and roomier four-door sedan for everyone else.

Of course, everyone else is ignoring sedans. They're buying hatchbacks in high heels... errh... crossovers... instead.

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