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It's a nice bike, but don't get too excited about the MPG even if it is 50% better than comparable performance sport bikes.

Motorcycle ICE efficiency is very low in general.

My 2014 Zero S 11.4 for comparison probably is 85% to 95% energy efficient and when I was commuting to work recently I got this MPG:
125 MPG at maximum speed possible
190 MPG at 75-85 MPH tucked
600 MPG drafting a truck at 65 MPH for 6 miles and using only 3%, 11.4 KwH is about 1/3 of a gallon equivalent energy. ICE efficiency at low throttle can't get close to this!

Also the carbon intensity of the charging power (mostly solar) is at least 10X better than direct combustion.

Zero's are very fun to ride.

BTW I have a few gas bikes also for longer range, but these days I mostly just use them to solve my mole problem in my yard.

Ride safe! : )
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