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Originally Posted by 19bonestock88 View Post
I agree, but I’m not about to shell out $500+ for a name brand bike... the $100 I paid for mine was enough...

However I do want to upgrade the shifters, and maybe the wheelset...
I would look at how much the upgrades you want/need to do will cost vs buying an entry level bike. If you electrify, there are some parts you may want to upgrade on your current bike that would already be good enough on a better bike. Your brakes will need to stop you from higher speeds with increased weight. I used an entry level mountain bike for my ebike and I still put a few hundred into upgrades (some more necessary than others); I probably would have come out ahead if I'd spent a little more on the bike in the first place.

Originally Posted by 19bonestock88 View Post
Eventually I wanna get a hub motor and see how much help I get with 1500W of electric assist... which might be enough to “level the hill” and cut my commute time... how much battery would I need (at 48 or 52V) to get 5mi found trip?
5 miles won't require much capacity, but 1500w will require either decent capacity or cells that can provide a lot of current. You'll likely use 25-30 wh/mile, so 150wh would be just enough, about 3Ah for a 48v battery. However, you'd be drawing 10C at 1500w, which is pretty high for most batteries if you want it to last many cycles (The C rate is how much current you're drawing vs the battery's capacity. Drawing 1A from a 1Ah would be 1C, 5A from the same battery would be 5C.).
A battery like this would be a pretty good fit If you want smaller/cheaper, building a pack out of RC lithium cells would probably be your best option, but also the most likely to catch fire if you don't treat it right.
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