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Here's some stuff I'm currently running by the boss. I'm thinking of running one truck as more of a prototype for possible fleet wide changes.

2 of our older trucks are Columbia model freightliners with Mercedes engines that are perhaps a bit underpowered for the job but are lightweight and aren't as bad aerodynamically as our more classic styled trucks. There also the trucks most likely that the boss would let me make any changes too however unlikely he is to period.

1) move the 2 exhaust stacks from the side of the trucks to a single stack behind the sleeper

2) the air breather is currently under the hood which is better then the outside but I think we are pulling in warm air from beside the engine. With what could be a small bit of fibreglass work I think we can pull that air from the outside instead which should give us a power boost.

From there I'm not sure except some other smaller projects like possibly moving antennas/horns/covering up some holes in the bumpers that serve no existing purpose and perhaps shedding some unneeded weight.

We currently have regular tire service that is supposed to be on top of keeping tire pressure up but I sometimes suspect this isn't happening as well all our newer trailers have a psi system that in theory should be keeping are tires at the proper inflation.
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