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Originally Posted by ksa8907 View Post
They installed them on individual, residential sized water heaters? That would be a waste. Maybe its a stripped down version, at the least, I really doubt the utility paid retail price.

I suspect you are correct about the energy efficiency programs.

Maybe they plan to report your water heating energy usage on your bill?
Well my estimate of heater size was way off; it's a 47 gallon tank. Seems small hanging in the small laundry closet of the apt. No idea why I begin to run out of hot water after 10 min on a 2.5 gallon shower head. That only works out to 25 gallons.

The product looks like the retail version, so I'm not sure how it would be stripped down. It monitors hot water use and controls when the heater is activated, which is all the features of the retail unit.

I'm going to want access to data, if not my personal usage statistics, then the program as a whole to see how much energy is being shifted or saved. I'd be very surprised if it had a positive return on investment. More likely is they take our utility money, and "save" some fraction of it; wasting the rest.
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