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24hours one tank - '02 Honda Insight manual
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Cost to 'consumers' in a formula would need capital and operating cost/ versus payload quantity and volume. The above rude formula takes that out by using payload fraction.
The open question of why water injection was not used instead of catalytic convertors does point at 'Rockerfellers et al control science/media/law' and dictated that we would have to burn more fuel, and buy platinum. If effect we are forced to buy at the 'company store' as a kind of disguised shell game of slavery. The CARB approvals do show aftermarket water injection approvals, but only in the sense that test showed they did not make things worse than stock, not in the sense that the catalytic convertor could be removed and the engine leaned out. Water being rapidly heated if frozen, to reduce the warm up cycle is regulatory excuse that might need to be overcome. Attempting to cook on exhaust has been a recent experiment for me and a recent thread here about the new Prius. It does seem to require a custom header that maximizes surface area contact as my water heating and burrito cooking has not gone so well.
Likewise for EV people, building wind generation without a concrete foundation is where subsidies if any should be going instead of subsidizing the EV cars at all of our expense. In effect another case of all of us being forced to buy at the company store shell game. But this is something out of our league here, similarly to arguing about cap and trade being keenly supported by renowned environmentalist moralists Goldman Sachs. The most effective things we can do here is to get CARB approval for vast improvements to cheaply purchased old cars, that would be subversive to the company store, and help people directly.
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