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So it does not have to be flashy. Just something on the back side windows. A kindle screen would be good. Or any old smartphone or tablet. (It does not even need to reflect the real mpg). Untill it gets stolen and you end up with a broken window.

I remember a ted talk from some time ago and they were trying to get people to use less energy at home.

They put flyers with peoples electricity bills.
First they tried something like: you can save the environment by using less electricity.

This had megligeable effect.

Then they put flyers saying: you could save this much money by using less electricity.
Minimal effect.

Finally they put flyers saying: did you know your neighbours are paying %10 less per month for electricity.

Which had a significant effect.

So I think you are on the right track. However, humanity is not on the right track. People could get jalous and vandalize your car.
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