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The parabolic trough doesn't require reorientation. This reminded me of Zomeworks solar-powered tracker.

Solar Module Trackers by Zomeworks

The “Track Rack” solar tracker which Baer and Zomeworks staff developed is a metal-framed passive-solar dynamic mounting for photovoltaic (PV) modules. With an arrangement of cylinders, pistons, and tubing, the device uses the differential pressure and movement of entrapped liquid to enable gravity to turn the rack and follow the sun. Depending on heat and hydraulics, and without motors, gears, or computerized controls, the rack enables the PV module to face the sun ("sunflower-wise") for maximum efficiency. To fit into the developing solar energy industry, Zomeworks has designed and builds several Track Racks to fit all common photovoltaic modules.

A balanced cylinder would be easier to manage that a flat plate in turbulent air flow.

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