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My question is, do you have 5-10,000$? Everyone says it's cheap if you DIY, but in the long run they just lost count of how much money they really spent, due to the fact the projects take so long. That or they give up.

I'm not trying to discourage you from doing it. Just being real.

Also, get a K20A motor. 8600rpm redline. Yummy.

Whatever K motor you go with(unless you get one with a redline above 7250). Use the accord manual transmission. It's got tall gearing and it shifts so, so SMOOTH. If you get one that redlines at 8400-8600, just go with a shorter geared trans (about 3500rpm at 75). Otherwise it will be an absolute dog off the line because those engines make no torque below 2000rpm.

I just read the questions about the DI motors. Unless you have experience and training I would not recommend you even attempt it. You are talking about 5-900PSI pressurized fuel lines. Not worth the risk.

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