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XFI CPU for gen 2 Metro?

I Got a wild hair and decided I wanted to do a XFI swap into a Gen 2 chassis. In my research I discovered that XFI engine transmition & CPUs where different than Base/LSI models. In passing I told a friend about the project and said I suspected the CPU wouldnt fit the newer car as a) its a newer model. and b) first gens are OBDI1 where second gens where OBDI2.

With out blinking an eye he said it would fit. and the different OBDI between generations wouldnt be an issue.

Now he isnt a Geo guy and im not an Electrics guy. My gut tells me that the CPU wont fit. But he knows electrics WAY better than me, so I dont want to dismiss his input out of hand.

So can someone with Geo experience tell me yes or no if the Gen 1 CPUs will fir gen 2 chassis?

Thanks in advnace!

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