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Ah! As I suspected! Thank you all for your helpful input!

So the XFI CPU wont fit the existing wiring harness. requiring a full harness swap.

Being a shade tree mechanic performing red-neck engineering I think its safe to say this is well beyond my capabilities.

I may still do a engine/transmition swap. Not sure why but I REALLY like the 2nd gen body. With some light mods (Mirror deletes. partial grill block, Home depot edging chin spoiler & skirts)I managed 51MPG in my 96 Metro( Mostly freeway driving, 60MPH cruise, no P&G, GPS Certified) .

Its crazy, the car is REAL sketchy. 200k miles. It struggles to hold a cruise, even in town. its way underpowered for how I drive (shift at 3.5k RPMs) The exhaust is Patchwork & loud (When I got the car it ended just behind the drivers seat and was welded to the body). The Transmition has Junkyard grease paint Serial numbers on it. For some reason it gets real good gas mileage (for its condition).

I used to own a 93 XFI and was REAL happy with how it behaved on the road. I think i may just be looking for that feeling again.
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