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I have been pondering about this lately. It seems that approximately ( cng neing 8.8kwh/m3 and diesel 10 kwh/liter) with whatever tanks vlad has, if the can use a dridge compressor to pump up his tanks to 20 bats or atmospheres then he will see some kind of improvement.

I am an avid scuba diver (have multipe times the financial investment in my diving than my driving). I have a 6 liter scooba tank (the one that would not bother me if i were lugging it from the house to the car, i also have 2,3,10,15,18,30 liter tanks).

Pumping that up with a fridge compressor to 30 bars would yield me 180 ml equivalent of dielsel. If a commute is very shor that makes perfect sense.
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