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24hours one tank - '02 Honda Insight manual
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Freebeard "I had a Type II panel van that weighed less than a ton with a 3/4 ton payload, while the Clark Cortez motorhome I once had had a tare weight of 7500lb and a payload of 800lb." "With range an electric vehicle weighs just as much when exhausted, while a fueled vehicle is lighter by the weight of the fuel. "

It would be interesting to get some stats on these examples. I am collecting more in the first post.
The nomad movement on youtube describes using Sterilite plastic storage and non built in appliances to save wieght and money in DIY RV conversions.

I guess if the EPA milage is tested much less than full allowable gross weight in a heavy hauler, there might be some distortion, but if the Epa is consistant in comparative underloading then not so bad. Yes fuel weight does change, the Brueget range equation accounts for this elegantly in aircraft, but in vehicles it depends on the drive cycle, I don't even know if the GWVR or EPA treats fuel load consistently so for the moment I hope it is on average no big deal.
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