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Today in his 'Summer of Love' podcast, Scott Adams said nobody's talking about global war-ming lately. This thread certainly has lost headway.

He mentioned three methods of carbon sequestration that are scalable, without naming them. I'd guess making limestone, feeding bacteria and producing hydro-carbron fuel out of thin air and water.

Any other possibilities?

Environmental data for 2017 are pouring in, and the results might not be what you’d expect.

In the United States, where President Trump has promised to unshackle the coal industry and to abandon an international climate change treaty, greenhouse-gas emissions fell last year and are expected to continue falling.

In Europe, where political leaders consider climate change an urgent priority, emissions rose last year.

In the United States, a report released last week by the Rhodium Group says that even though Trump “continues to unravel Obama-era climate and clean energy policies,” falling costs of renewable energy and natural gas are “keeping U.S. greenhouse gas emissions on the downswing.”

The latest government data show emissions have fallen 12 percent from 2005 to 2016. The Rhodium Group report estimates that by 2020, emissions will have fallen between 15 percent and 17 percent compared with 2005 levels.


In contrast, emissions are rising in Europe and much of the rest of the world. According to the BP data, Europe’s carbon dioxide emissions rose 92 million tons, or 2.5 percent. That includes increases in France (2 percent), Germany (0.1 percent), and Spain (7 percent). Carbon emissions rose in a majority of European countries last year, according to European Union data.

Other countries had increases, too, including China, the world’s biggest polluter, with an increase of 119 million tons, or 1.6 percent. Canada’s rose 3.4 percent.

Face the danger and row away from it.
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