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Urea injection in combustion chamber for reduced nox

Hi all,

I'm sure some of you have heard of urea injection, such a bluemotion or adblue. The idea being that you spray urea into the exhaust (typically in front of the catalytic converter) and that reduces nox output. But my knowledge is limited.

On my mechanical diesel that is running on vegetable oil, I already have water injection to help with carbon build up (it steam cleans the inside of your combustion chamber) and to cool intake air temps (slight power increase)

My idea being that I could just put some adblue fluid (its cheap) instead of my water. I'm not a total hippy but I do like the idea of reducing emissions if I can easily.

My question to you is will it work? And will the urea injection give me any other problems during combustion, as opposed to just water?

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