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Anti-spray wheel brush guards for truck aero?

Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone has tried using anti-spray wheel brush guards ( tried to post a link but i have too few posts and it wouldn't let me. Google "truck wheel arch brush" to see what I mean ) as an easy way to reduce the wheel-to-well gap and perhaps improve airflow, without having to worry about manufacturing rigid custom gap closers or wheel skirts and allowing for wheel clearances in all scenarios.

It seems to me that depending on the rigidity & brush density it may reduce a lot (if not eliminate) air mixing between the wheel well and passing air and hence improve aero. This would mostly be something that makes sense on trucks (both in the American and Australian sense of the word) looks wise but as we all know some of us don't care too much about looks anyway. Another advantage is that as neither the brushes nor the tyre are likely to be harmed by contact with each other, the design could have closer clearances in the straight-running scenario, perhaps also enhancing aero. Obviously it would still be not as good as full wheel skirts for aero, but a lot easier, and especially in the front.

Has anyone tried it and found whether there is any benefit?

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