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Montana gets 1500 watts and 30 mph still classified as a moped and moped is pretty much a bicycle as it doesn't require a license or registration and can be ridden on most bike lanes and paths. There may be a few places where I would be limited to 20 mph to be considered a pure bicycle but that 20 mph would apply even to purely human powered bicycles. What that does mean for what I want to do, ride off road or old log roads, if those roads are on state land, which generally speaking 1/36 of the state is sate owned land, I'm good to go. No way I tear up ground like a motorbike. I went up a steep dirt incline and ran out of power near the top and had to jump off to finish. A dirt bike would have rooster tailed up that whole hill without question. No matter how hard I try my bike cannot spin the tire faster than it is travelling on even the loosest surface. What it does do is make for a nice enjoyable ride on a 90 degree+ day.
If the city ends up not wanting my bike on their roads (which I thought I paid for but whatever) I guess I'll stay in my car or truck. Funny because they picture themselves being one of the most progressive cities in the north west. So a new invention comes along to make cycling attractive to 10 times as many people and they will move to shut it down.

The federal government of the USA doesn't have much ground to stand on for laws regarding any type of personal transportation. They will certainly leave it up to the states as they should.
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