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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
I don't know about your questions, I would be happy with 80-90 mpg, and it looks good to me! Welcome to ecomodder.
The OP seems to want to be more economical... no reason needed to explain why one would want to do something better. (especially if they could do it on the cheap)

I think if he is using mostly freeway and main roads that his speeds would have him up where streamlining would have significant results. (depending on how well the streamlining is implemented of course.) So I'd say it's up to him to decide the balance between the cost in time and money of what he would be willing to invest and the complexity/completeness of the streamlining efforts.

Riding technique is basically free so I guess asking bike hyper-milers here would be a good first step; even before doing any streamlined fairing work. And when it comes to streamlining, I think it would be best to start working from behind the rider where the air trails behind.

This is just my opinion since I am not as well versed in the finer points of ecomodding as others here. (but I'm thinking I'd not be too far off the mark)
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