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Dallas Morning News

Originally Posted by aerostealth View Post
That's a rather remarkable article considering how conservative the DMN has been.
*We just set heat records the last four days in a row.
*We've been under an 'Excessive' Heat Advisory.
*If I'm outside by 7:30 AM I'm good for about three hours of light duty work,then I hose off,and retreat indoors for the remainder of the day.We've seen heat indexes of 111-degrees.
*Not only are the daily 'highs' new records,our overnight 'low' temperatures
have outrun daytime increases.There is no cooling off at night any more.
*Last month,my electric bill saw an increase of 75%.
*I just got this month's bill and it's up another 51%.
*Black-eyed peas,a few cantaloupe,and a few tomato have survived in gardens.The rest has been turned under.
*Clear Creek has shut off.Turtles and fish are trapped in pools of stagnating water of increasing temperature.
*No swimming for us.
*A lot of young trees didn't make it.Others are dropping leaves as if it were fall.
* You couldn't dig a hole even if your life depended upon it.
*I'm seeing people in parked cars,idling,with the AC on while I shop.When I leave the store,they're still in there.No telling how long those engines run.
*Oregon has wheat-field wildfires.That's a new one!
*Rattlesnakes in Arizona are taking refuge inside urban pool noodles.
*The heat dome is forecast to move by this coming Wednesday and we'll be looking at 97-degrees,a welcome development.
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