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Originally Posted by Stubby79 View Post
Maybe the programming is worng and is only expecting a number up to 256...

or maybe it's accepting 4000, but wont display more than the last 2 digits? Perhaps see if everything works despite it.
I didn't consider the 256 potential. But I don't think so as when I got a chance to look at the code, I attempted to change it manually before compiling and uploading and the value I changed was the default 10,000 or something similar. (can't remember but it was a lot higher than 256)

When I powered it up, it showed my VSS value as being "0" again. So I'm tending to lean towards your second suggestion and that it's just displaying the last digit or two.

I can't comment on how accurate it was though... I had a slight "mishap" and I accidentally dropped the 12+VDC wire onto the board as I was plugging it in for a test run... consequently... The UNO board... well... Esta roto!

Thankfully I'd already ordered a four new clones, two Megas and ten Nanos' that I'm just waiting on delivery for so I can resume.

I really would like to see this project supported still. What can I do to help get it back off the ground? I'm assuming it's fallen by the wayside because the cost of the scangauge has dropped drastically with clones also.

But here in Australia, OBD2 wasn't mandated until the 21st century and given that we tend to keep our cars for so much longer than the US does, many of these cars are still on the road today.

I'd be happy to donate, but something tells me, that won't bring the project back to life.
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