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If you do, don't drive into smoke you can't see through. 1988, seven dead, 21 vehicles:

Witnesses likened the highway scene to a war zone, with blackened, crumpled vehicles, burned trucks and charred grass stretching for about a half-mile. Wood chips in a burned truck smoldered for hours after the crash, and the smell of smoke hung heavy in the air.

One survivor, Jimmy Phillips, said all he could hear during the crash was ''glass busting, metal crushing and the screaming.''

Kevin Sterba, driver of the chip truck, said everything happened so fast it was hard to determine the chain of events.

The 22-year-old Philomath man said the smoke had lowered visibility, so he was driving slowly with his lights turned on. Suddenly, he said, there was ''just a big, heavy cloud of smoke. It was just pitch black.''

He braked and bailed out of his 45-foot rig. ''It was in flames when I got out,'' he said. ''As far as I could see there were flames in front of me.''
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