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I know you have a road bike but you should know it's easier and possibly cheaper to convert a 26" wheel hardtail mtn bike. Tons on craigslist for very little money. Stay away from dept store brands.

If you are converting the road bike to electric, you will want at least 30mm wide tires. The extra weight will ride much better on a wider tire. You won't gain much of anything, especially not in the big picture by riding a 25mm tire vs 32mm. If it's electric and a 5 mile roundtrip - then who cares if you use 20watt hours per mile vs 17?

Lots of ebay hub conversion kits for about $150 shipped. Maybe find some cheap toolpack batteries you can hack together. Lots of generic knock offs for black n decker 20v 4ah for example. I have used 4 of them for a couple hundred cycles and they are fine. is good if you really want to get into diy ebikes.
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