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why is it knowen as Earth instead of Water 90% of our time is spent in a glacial preo

7:03 said all cycles are peeking now(20 years ago) =all natral heating effects are going away.
11:27 notice the ~20 year(2 ~11year sun cycles) stall in warming. Yet CO2 has continued to sky rocket. With a boble inCO2 (actuality a decrease in CO2) at the peak of GW.
Global Warming is weather(short turm climate).

The thing that matches up with the hockey stick predictions is Galactic Cosmic Rays. Are they flowing or leading Co2 .

Game of Thrones is set in the future not the past, Hollywood preparing the minds of the people of the brutality it will take to survive. As only the strong survive, the weak are mearly tools to accomplish your task. With that said, Sometimes I wish I was less of a tool. Actually I'd rather be the tool I am as that affords me a kind heart and willingness to help those in need. I guess if you're going to be a tool its better to be the hammer than the Chisel, the hammer works well by itself but the Chisel is just about useless without the hammer.

The video seems to be mixing things up a little bit which is it, are we hafeway there or is time running short? The ice cores and the mud cores both agree that the interglacial periods are approximately (~)10,000 years long(9-14k) with ~100k glacial periods. We're over 10,000 years into this interglacial and yet the video is saying that we have 10-11,000Y to go ,so this time man is going to break the cycle and that this is going to be a 23,000 year interglacial

The curent interglacial has lasted ~ the same length of time we've been in the charged particle dust cloud/ Supernova remnants. Our duration In This Cloud has been revised from: 100K years within the cloud and 10,k years remaining within the cloud. (The old outdated timing of our exodus is the sorce for the video saying "10k togo in this interglacial".) To :10,000 years within the cloud and less than 20 till we exit into the void that is the clearing of the supernova explosion.

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