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Originally Posted by ConnClark View Post
Small and light will never be safe. Its just a matter of physics.
Crap, pure and simple... No, let me rephrase that: it's the same old crap, recycled so many times your nose has almost gotten used to the smell.

So let's deal in some reality here.

Fact #1: The safest car is one that you don't collide with other cars or stationary objects, and that doesn't roll over in obstacle avoidance maneuvers, or when you get a simple flat tire, etc. Small cars, especially small cars with a low center of gravity, are a lot better at all this than your SUV.

Fact #2: Small cars with well-designed protective structures are as safe in collisions as any other size. Consider for instance the survival rate of Formula car drivers hitting obstacles at high speeds.

Fact #3: Highway safety is not just a matter of what you alone are driving. Sure, you might increase your own safety by being the only person out there in a Hummer. Once a large number of people start thinking that way and driving oversized SUVs of their own, everyone's safety takes a sharp drop.