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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
It's only 10 inches in 100 years, then why is everyone freaking out over this.
I remember after the movie water world in the 90s people though the sea levels would rise hundreds of feet as the polar ice caps melted by 2010.
I ran across a January 12-26,2017 Rolling Stone,with a Jeff Goodall article,'WILL WE MISS OUR LAST CHANCE?',with James Hansen.
Hansen was saying that we'd crossed the 400-ppmv carbon dioxide threshold in September,2016.
The last time Earth saw that high a concentration was in the Eemian Period,120,000 years ago.At that time,sea-level was 20-30 feet higher.So according to the numbers,we're already locked into 20-30 feet of rise.It's just a matter of the timing.Nobody knows the timeline.
We'll have to watch melting in land-borne ice of Greenland and W.Antarctica and the situation with the clathrate (methane) bomb in the Arctic.
NASA/JPL,or Harvard (sorry) has found that EPA is underestimating Methane emissions at oil and gas operations by 30-50%.Methane is 85-times stronger as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.
Currently,Southern California Gas Co.'s Porter Ranch facility has the worst methane leak in US history.
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