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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
That was Obama administration thinking.
Don't worry about the terrorists, worry about pollution and sea level rise. Even though the air and water are cleaner then they have been in decades.
Luckily the grown-ups are back I charge.
We just lost more Americans in Puerto Rico than on 911.If this is a taste of climate change,then perhaps he made the right call.
34,000,000 Americans were being impacted by severe rain events and historic flooding in the East this morning.
89 major wildfires in 15-states.'explosive-growth' wildfire.Fire-nados.
Heat waves,heat domes,heat deaths.
Ozone action days.
Savanna,Georgia got hit by a tornado that came out of nowhere.They couldn't even warn the residents.
Yosemite National Park had to be closed.
Wildfires in the Arctic Circle.
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