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...use one of Venom's weaknesses against the other.
Cultural reference?The idea is to use sound waves to blow out flames. And use the quadcopter rotor to generate the sound waves.

Originally Posted by diytube
I've seen/heard this woofer in action, at a show. It was insane. They had to
have a whole floor of the hotel to themselves, since the bass was so immense.
Just absolutely clean, pants-flapping bass down to basically sub-audible levels.
The enclosure was fairly large (think large closet-sized), but could have been smaller.

The blades move the same way helicopter blades move, its' impressively
simple yet also complex enough that DIY'ing it would be challenging.

I talked at length with the designer about it, there were some tradeoffs
(fan speed vs. response, etc.) but all in all, it was an amazing item.
It imposes an additional waveform on the collective pitch.

Change my, you know, the thing.