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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Hydrogen is about the stupidest fuel anyone could have possibly imagined to use to power a vehicle.
Some 15 years ago I used to believe hydrogen would become commercially viable as a fuel by now at least in developed countries.

I just noticed this was in fossil fuel free forum. Which is funny because the only logical source to make hydrogen from is to make it from natural gas. So hydrogen cars are just natural gas powered cars with the natural gas stripped down to its most basic exotic form.
Mercedes-Benz featured at least once a hydrogen-powered prototype that relied on methanol as the mean of storage for hydrogen. Well, most of the commercially-available methanol IIRC is produced out of natural gas anyway, even though it can also be brewed out of cellulosic and high-starch feedstocks (just like it happened with "moonshine" booze when the fermentation process accidentally led to some amount of methanol to contaminate it). But in the end it's too much more complicated. And nowadays with microturbine generators and solid-oxide fuel cells that are able to use hydrocarbons directly as a fuel, hydrogen seems even more pointless.
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