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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
It it doesn't benefit the end user.
California just needs to build their own power plants.
Then there are no tranamission to storage to transmission losses.
Storage is what you do when you have more power then you know what to do with due to certain uncontrollable conditions. Otherwise it's just a bandaid.
California doesn't have a surplus of power they buy it up from neighboring states.
I look forward to California pipe dreaming up more ways to use Texas and new Mexicos surplus wind power.
Because of that I'm all for it. The best part about it is people in California appear to think this is a great idea.

3 billion dollars isn't cheap. It's actually a waste of money considering it generates 0 net power.
They would be better off finding another 4 billion dollars and building a AP1000.
Maybe I'm missing something, regardless of what state of is in, if there is excess renewable power isn't it a good idea to maximize its use? Even if its inefficient to send the power, store it, and then generate it again as hydro, unless the loss was huge I would think it is overall beneficial.

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