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Obama thinking

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
That was Obama administration thinking.
Don't worry about the terrorists, worry about pollution and sea level rise. Even though the air and water are cleaner then they have been in decades.
Luckily the grown-ups are back I charge.
From:'An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security,' U.S.Department of Defense,2003,commissioned by Andrew Marshall,for Donald Rumsfeld,U.S.Department of Defense,for President George.W.Bush,...............(threats to global stability posed by rapid warming vastly eclipse that of terrorism).......... 'Disruption and conflict will be endemic features of life',........... 'Once again,warfare would define human life.'
*'If the scientists are right and temperatures continue to rise,we could face environmental,economic,and national security consequences far beyond our ability to imagine.' John McCain,US Senator,Arizona,Member,Senate Armed Services Committee,testimony before the Senate,2007.
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