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Obama doing?

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
So what was the Obama administration doing to stop global warming?
As far as I can tell all they did was shut down some coal power plants early, confiscate a bunch of VWs, tried to stop fracking for natural gas which was the main reason coal was already in decline and block nuclear power plants during the first term, his second term appeared to quietly become pro nuclear, both nuclear weapons and power generation.

The wild fires may be a product of 60 to 70 years of modern forestry putting out small forest fires, interrupting the natural fire cycle. Allowing tree, plant and dead material density to build up way beyond natural levels.
So yes I believe that the wild fires are absolutely a direct result of man's actions in one or more ways.
Obama had Leon Panetta looking into it in the CIA,with his Center on Climate Change and National Security,which drew fire from Congressman John Barrasso,(R),Wyoming (COAL),who threatened to defund it after The CIA-National Academy of Sciences report on climate-national security was finalized,around September,2011,when Panetta was gone and General David Petraeus was Director,CIA.
The Center's Academy report authors were under constant pressure to water down their conclusions.
On the day the report was issued the press conference was cancelled.
The report was buried.
In a few weeks the Center was disbanded.
The credibility of the intelligence community in a conversation about climate change was probably of such danger to special interests that the information had to be killed in the crib before it had a chance to gain any traction in a public conversation.
Daniel Chiu was also attacked by Barrasso in 2014 for associating national security in thee same sentence with climate.
House amendments to defense appropriations bills are enough to kill off any 'action'.
Similar tactics were used in 1977,when a Senate Committee attempted to get rid of sugar-diabetes,heart disease,heart attacks,and stroke in America.
Obama would have had significant impact with his 2025 CAFE standards,but you can see what happening to those and who's doing it.
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