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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
So, you would use one of Venom's weaknesses against the other.

I always figure that if we could shade hot spots that would solve a number of problems. It is 120 in Phoenix? Here, have a hundred square miles of shade. Now it is 95. You are welcome.

Twenty-five degrees may not make much of a difference in a forest fire. Aren't those hundreds of degrees? Still, weather bunnies always talk about the heat hurting and cool weather helping.

The fire fighters would undoubtedly appreciate it.

I remember some report about the poor fire fighters dealing with freezing temperatures. Sure, working in the cold makes most jobs more difficult, but if your job is putting out fires, it is kind of much easier, too.
Some have no confidence that we'll curtail emissions before we reach the point of no return,and we'll be forced into geo-engineering as a last ditch effort to save our bacon.
Perhaps entrepreneurial DNA is seeking the mother lode of profit-making with a guaranteed growth market problems.
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