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Originally Posted by ConnClark View Post
You are saying people who knowingly buy a top heavy vehicle have no reason to gripe when it rolls over on them.

So then people who buy a small car should have no reason to gripe when they are hit by an SUV.
For the first one yes. More than likely they are not skilled enough to control the vehicle when it becomes unstable. Listening to someone complain about a top heavy vehicle roll over is just as annoying as listening to a low slung car driver complain about scraping; you knew it was gonna happen.

When you are in a small car hit by another vehicle you can gripe. In this scenario you have added a variable other than the single driver. You have added the human variable of another driver whose competency is now questionable. Its much harder not to gripe when someone else is either involved in the accident or the cause. As the old saying goes, its easier to be mad at myself than others.
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