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Originally Posted by escartiz View Post
Is been a few years since I built my Open Revolt controller and have mostly forgotten everything about the settings.

I had been running my car with a fork lift motor which I originally thought was dying. When trying to accelerate quickly nothing would happen and I could hear a whining noise like the motor/tranny was slipping. Accelerating slowly could get me up to hwy speed with no problem. I played with the parameters without much difference, so I just kept driving it like that.

One day I completely lost power and there was a smell coming from the motor brushes which I tried to find replacement without success. This led me to believe the motor was at fault at the acceleration issue.

I recently upgraded to a warp 9 convinced it was the motor going south. Once installed went out for a test run and again everything works fine except trying to accelerate fast. I still get the same noise and no movement if pressing full throttle.

I realized it has to be the controller. I found some info while searching the forums and it looks like I may need to adjust the Hardware over current limit pot?
I could not find a description of how to adjust the over-current limit in the manual. And I don't have my old Cougar operational, so I can't test to verify which way it goes. I vaguely remember counter-clockwise as lowest current and clockwise as highest current ... but I am not confident.

If it were me, I would start with the over-current limit centered between counter-clockwise and clockwise. Then accelerate your car (pedal to the metal) and see how high the current goes, with a laptop logging the data from the Cougar.

Next, increase (clockwise turn) by 1/8 turn and check the current drawn by your motor during another pedal-to-the-metal acceleration. It should go up, and you can stop at any value up to 500 amps. But it is not a quick process

I was hopping to get help here reminding me how much or which direction to or proper way to achieve this and also get help what would be the most appropriate starting parameters for my build.
I use a ramp of 500 ms from minimum to maximum speed, which has not caused me issues so far. But I am not racing the vehicle, either.

I am running on a 147v lithium pack, 500A version controller, Warp 9 motor to clutch/tranny, 1g CRX which is suppose to be about 1800 lbs minus the engine.
Sounds like a sweet conversion!

Sorry it took so long for a response. We are normally a *LOT* quicker.

My settings, when I ran my warp 9 (ie, before I killed the Cougar)

Cougar OS controller firmware v1.11b

Kp=002 Ki=160
throttle_min_raw_counts=0413 throttle_max_raw_counts=0683
throttle_pos_gain=008 throttle_pwm_gain=000
motor_os_threshold=0000 motor_os_ftime=1000
motor_os_dtime=10 pwm_deadzone=05
NOTE! I didn't use the pre-charge on the cougar. This should not be 0 normally!
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