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What would you do?

On the Volt forum there was a guy going to toss a front license plate holder
I told him I would pay postal shipping if heís willing (I actually need this particular style)
He said sure.

I had the weight and address and told him to put it in a post office envelope and ship no insurance.
I had gotten the rate to be under $5 from USPS in their envelope, depending on how he shipped it

He came back and said can I ship UPS and I naively said, OK as long as it isnít too expensive and 5 minutes later got a copy of a bill for $28 to send a 7 ounce license plate holder said it was shipped.

I tried looking up what the package would cost on UPS and it looks like about $8,
Is there a way to look up what he actually spent at the UPS store since they charge for boxes and crap, plus he sent it in a box large enough to ship a desktop computer in for god knows what reason.

Ah well, lesson learned or just send him what it probably actually cost since he never asked for $16 + shipping?

If he really spent $28, it seems like he would think, maybe I should just not do it?

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