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I had a few days off from work so i doe in to the citi-car.
Replaced the brake line running to the rear of the car, replaced the brake light switch, replaced the rear end gear oil, replaced the key switch, sanded all of the contacts on all of the relays (looks to have sat out in the weather for a few years), re-attached one of the silver contacts on the forward-reverse relay, filed them to get rid of the pitting, put them back together with new brass nuts, copper washers and dielectric grease on the main connections, wrapped alot of mouse damaged wires with tape, traced down and labeled all of the wires that hook to lights in the body (the body is not on the car and the wires are all faded to gray), dropped two 12v batteries in and hooked them up to alow me to test the drive train and all the lights work other then the cabin light, the forward and reverse speeds all work, the brakes kind of work in the rear, the windshield wiper motor works, I still need to build a body, fix the brakes more, fix the hand brake, find a wiper arm, and buy batteries for it, if I really wanted to I'm sure I could take it for a drive down the street but I don't have any lights on it and it looks kind of like a dune buggy without a body, next step in the plan is to get some LED lights so I have them when I start on the body, as the original lights are rusted up and some are missing.
current plans with the body is to check in to some 1/16" maple veneer like what they make skate board decks out of, it can be molded and glued to be a shaped plywood, otherwise I was thinking coroplast, or fabric.

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