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I just bought a 2013 Civic SI also this week. Fun car indeed, for the fist 1/2 tank I mostly just ripped around in it. The second tank I experimented with different speeds and just getting to know its quirks. On a more EM note...

The weather was perfect (no wind, 59F or 15C) to set a benchmark so I tested the fuel economy on the way to work today and driving conservatively as I would have done in the Corolla, cruise set to 91kph or 56.9mph for my commute and from door of home to door at work (42 miles or 67km)...I attained:

46.12 mpgUS or 5.1 L/100km or 55 mpgUK !!
2013 Honda Civic Si - 2.4L
It has a front to back belly pan from the factory!

2009 Corolla CE Enhanced - 1.8L auto
14lbs Prius rims, full upper grill block, partial front belly pan, folded mirrors, lowered 1.5", LRR tech tires.
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