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I drive north on the way home from work, so the sun shines in my left eye. It's not nice. The stock visor is just short enough so that even with it flipped over to the side window, the sun still shines in in my eye. I have to hunch forward to escape it.

So today I took a leftover scrap of coroplast and made a driver-side sun visor extension. At first I thought I was gonna be crafty and slip it in the strap on the backside of the visor. But I soon realized that its additional thickness would prevent the visor from flipping up against the headliner properly. So I stuck it to the front side of the visor with three strips of the 3M double-sided weatherstripping tape.

I'll just have to remember to duck as I swing it over to the side...

Okay, so it doesn't directly save gas. But it improves comfort, allowing me to concentrate on my FE driving techniques. Yeah, that's it.
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