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My friend did end up buying the dieselgate 2010 TDI Golf with manual transmission. He's got about 155,000 miles on it now, and the turbo actuator appears to be bad and put the car into limp mode.

His mechanic says the part is $200, and labor about $1,000, although the turbo itself may be bad, in which case the cost to repair would be higher.

From what I'm told, VW will buy back the car even if it has the turbo issue, so long as the car can drive to the dealership to be bought back.

He's contemplating selling it back to VW, but he really likes his car and is also contemplating just taking the $2,000 they offered him to keep the car and fix the turbo. I'm trying to steer him away from keeping the car, as it's bound to have endless expensive problems pop up, especially as the miles and years accrue. We might know what VW will offer to buy back later today.

So, my original question remains as to what "cool" looking hatchbacks that get decent fuel economy exist? What can fit a drum kit, get good fuel economy, and rack up a ton of miles without being a maintenance nightmare?

EDIT: VW is offering $13k for his car. He paid $13,500 3 years and 100k miles ago. He's now thinking to buy a 2015 VW Golf TDI for roughly the same amount he's getting for his 2010.

His comment about the Fit, "The Fit is a teacher car". So, not cool enough I guess.

Apparently these older cars just get crushed, so VW doesn't care what condition they are in, or even if parts are taken off as long as it started and drove to the dealership to be traded in. We're thinking about putting some cheapo steel wheels and used tires on, and keeping his current wheels and 2 month old tires. Maybe take the spare tire out and anything else with some value.

I'm still trying to steer him away from another VW, but he loves the car. Any other contenders in the $13k range?
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