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LOL. The Mirage is TERRIBLE by all subjective measures. Steering feel. Shift feel. Suspension steadiness. Tactile quality. Noise and road insulation. Mechanical Grip. Handling. On a slalom course where a Sonic or Fiesta grips n' goes, the Mirage washes wider than a pick-up truck on all terrain tires.

BUT: I would consider buying one, brand new, again. And again. And again. This is the 21st Century Metro. Only better in every way.

I would never consider buying an Aveo. Brand new. Used. At bargain basement "Ex-FBI car, mechanically perfect, don't mind the bloodstains" auction prices. Ever.

Also: Yes, sure, it's slow. But 0-100 km/h, it beats an automatic Yaris. It beats an automatic EgoSport. It's "slow" but not SLOW. Light weight means that it's quite peppy if you're willing to wring it out, and it will do over 100 mph (160 km/h) no problem. And that light weight makes it fairly fun to weave through traffic in.


I hope the upcoming CMF-B platform will be suitably light. There's hope there, as the new Suzuki Swift, which is a half-size larger, is just as light as the Mirage. With Nissan-Renault money, the new CMF-B platform should be able to match that. If the upcoming Juke comes in around the 1- to 1.1 ton mark, then it's likely they can keep the Mirage under 900 kilograms.
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