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*I've never read where climatologists discount solar irradiance as a climate driver.They actively monitor the photosphere,chromosphere,corona,heliosphere,magnet osphere,electron emissions,ion emissions,solar wind,shockwaves,magnetic fields,current sheets,coronal holes,Alfven waves,temporal spin(surface and internal),heavy ions,sun-spot cycles,radiophysics,gyromagnetic processes,electron beam propogation,H&K lines of UV,flares,coronal mass ejections,contoversial Eigil Friis-Chrisensen&Knud Lassen temp./sunspot causation thesis,steller senescence,tidal fluctuations,planetary conjunctions,conduction assymmetries,acoustic lensing amplifications-refectance amplification accoustic booming,reflectice harmonics,resonnance,explosions,implosions,compres sive heating,asperities,Coriolis effect,reverberations,turbulence,eddies,stratifica tion,attenuation,plume ascension,decending,co-rotations,counter-rotations,boiling,condensation,escape velocities,diffusion,interior waves,surface waves,viscosity,gas-dynamics,ion dynamics,thermodynamics,pulses,spikes,absorption,r arefaction,dampening,cyclic deformation,asphericity,asymmetry,bright areas,Oscillations,resonant modes,local speed of sound,rotation rates,coherent modes of vibration,helioseismology,non-uniform rotaion,radiative diffusion,turbulent diffusion,major restoring forces,pressure,buoyancy,frequencies,wavelengths etc..

1942: Alfvén theorises the existence of electromagnetic-hydromagnetic waves in a paper published in Nature.[1]
1949: Laboratory experiments by S. Lundquist produce such waves in magnetised mercury, with a velocity that approximated Alfvén's formula.[2]
1949: Enrico Fermi uses Alfvén waves in his theory of cosmic rays. According to Alex Dressler in a 1970 Science journal article, Fermi had heard a lecture at the University of Chicago, Fermi nodded his head exclaiming "of course" and the next day, the physics world said "of course".[3]
1950: Alfvén publishes the first edition of his book, Cosmical Electrodynamics, detailing hydromagnetic waves, and discussing their application to both laboratory and space plasmas.[4]
1952: Additional confirmation appears in experiments by Winston Bostick and Morton Levine with ionized helium.[5]
1954: Bo Lehnert produces Alfvén waves in liquid sodium.[6]
1955: Eugene Parker suggests hydromagnetic waves in the interstellar medium.[7]
1958: Berthold, Harris, and Hope detect Alfvén waves in the ionosphere after the Argus nuclear test, generated by the explosion, and travelling at speeds predicted by Alfvén formula.[8]
1958: Eugene Parker suggests hydromagnetic waves in the Solar corona extending into the Solar wind.[9]
1959: D. F. Jephcott produces Alfvén waves in a gas discharge.[10]
1960: Coleman, et al, report the measurement of Alfvén waves by the magnetometer aboard the Pioneer and Explorer satellites.[11]
1960: Sugiura suggests evidence of hydromagnetic waves in the Earth's magnetic field.[12]
1970 Hannes Alfvén wins the 1970 Nobel Prize in physics for "for fundamental work and discoveries in magneto-hydrodynamics with fruitful applications in different parts of plasma physics".[13]
1973: Eugene Parker suggests hydromagnetic waves in the intergalactic medium.[14]
1974: Hollweg suggests the existence of Hydromagnetic waves in interplanetary space [15]
1974: Ip and Mendis suggests the existence of Hydromagnetic waves in the coma of Comet Kohoutek.[16]én_wave

I was being snarky with the mention of Eric Dollard. It's unfortunate that his History and Theory of Electricity is so long (3 1/3 hours) but the first half on history is really good.

He explains how 'Maxwell's equations' were indecipherable until Oliver Heaviside reduced them to practice. Curiously I found a mention of Heaviside in a video about UFOs, the Sonora Aero Club (watch?v=ijA7atHnm8M) — at 1:20:00 he talks about Oliver Heaviside's Theory of Gravitoelectromagnetism (1983). Heaviside is an interesting character.

What's 'gyromagnetic processes'?

Structurally,the motion picture and broadcast television networks,along with radio broadcasters and print media could pull it off.
Television could do it in 72-hours basically all by itself.
It would be the owners and advertisers that would have to come on board.
If it ever gets bad enough,all these will be nationalized.It's been done before.
'Follow the money' Deep Throat
All of which media have been subsumed by packet-switched interactive media. And all of which are ham-strung by 'interests'. The solution will be bottom-up not top-down.

Hearts and minds.

Without freedom of speech we wouldn't know who all the idiots are. -- anonymous poster


Back in my day there was so much toilet paper and eggs that we would throw them at the houses of our enemies


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