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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
It's a UN thing so it's pretty much a redistribution of wealth scam to destroy capitalism, rob money from the US, promise to give it to less developed countries but what's really going to happen is the UN and their cronies are going to pocket at least 80% of it.
Funny thing when people talk about that: Administrative costs are a real issue in charity. The most efficient charities I know of are only efficient because they're run by rich volunteers.

If you paid them what they're actually worth, those charities would be in the red.


But no, there's no convincing some people that uplifting the beggars in spain will do anything to improve the global economy.

Oh well.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Probably just an oversite lol.

Also a volcano no one has ever herd of erupted in the middle of no where china. The significance is its only erupted just before or during prolonged solar minimum for the last 2000 years.
Probably just coincidence.
I say volcanoes are never wrong, don't believe me, try to argue with a volcano, it will just incinerate you.
Like I said before, volcanoes erupt all the time.

We're on track for being an average year. It's just that some of the eruptions are close to civilized areas, which means they're in the news more.

Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
There are probably some out there who will nor forgive our tresspasses.
As they've said,'your freedom ends where mine begins.'
The may be a point in history where we will no longer be given the luxury to fail with their atmosphere.
We're all pooping in the pool.

And the pool is getting mighty mighty crowded.
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