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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Ok, do you think the government should revoke the request of a drive license to be allowed to drive?
Sure, but that isn't a natural right. We naturally speak, naturally defend ourselves, naturally seek to reproduce... which is why they are rights. We don't by nature drive cars.

Who define this, who defines that... We could start by targetting the worses, since it's clear a easy definition.
No, it's not easy to define at all. You'd get racists saying "clearly black people are worse". You could even make the case that women over 35 years old shouldn't be allowed to reproduce since they are at much greater risk for delivering a baby with any number of problems associated with "Geriatric Pregnancy".

I can't think of many things more difficult than determining who should be allowed to reproduce, or something most likely to spiral out of control into some sort of Nazi-like eugenics. It's so difficult that we just shouldn't restrict it, not to mention that it's impossible to enforce.

At present time we have indirect incentives to the worst people do the worse.
Agreed. We can change that though.

Edited: Compare to Nigeria, a very poor country, it's not fair, in the same way you can't compare minimum wage of Finland with Nigeria. You can't think in a global ways, in our actual state of human organization among Earth.
What's good for the goose is good for the gander. In other words, if we're talking about human rights, then it applies to all humans. It's quite impossible not to think of Nigeria when applying the logic to local government.

Good motherhood and good parenthood are not very connected with money in developed countries. Good parents will have just what they can afford, and would have ethic and morals.
You can give 1 million dollars to a crap couple, and they will still be a crap as parents.
My idea of state subsidized IUDs directly addresses this fact. It won't eliminate all bad outcomes, but it certainly will make things better while not infringing upon human rights. The most effective way to affect outcomes is to provide proper incentives to people. Outright banning never works.

What do you propose, and give me the specifics? If you ban certain people from reproducing, how do you enforce it? What would be the criteria for being allowed to reproduce?
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