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There are people in the deep of a sh...t hole enough to we say they are not good for parenthood/motherhood. Violent criminal addicted to drugs, pedophiles, prostitutes who use drugs and lives with violent criminals. Alcohoolic people, generating fetus alcoholic syndrome.

We already say who can or who cannot raise children, and we already take kids out of parents due bad conditions of living or due bad morals.

Tell me where I said black people are crap ?
Point in my text, please.

I said crap people. There are crap white people and crap black people, and good black people and good white people.

If you associate crap with black, to call me a racist or nazi, I think is you who thinks blacks are inferior.
You are seeing colors here, not me.

We could reverse you thoughts and say that racist politics prefer that a lot of blacks people on misery or in bad moral born and get poor education, to allow whites have bether jobs and feel superior.
But the same thing applies to whites in desgrace situation, having a lot of kids, poor morals, to help better social classes to keep in high classes, since it would be cheap workmanship. Instead of a racist politic negligence it would be arristocratic politic preferences.

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